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Yewtree Psychotherapy

At various times in our lives we have all felt that things have become too much and that maybe something needs to change or we feel we are being forced down a familiar and difficult path and are not sure where to turn for support. Psychotherapy can help to explore feelings and circumstances so as to have the possibility of changing our lives by feeling less overwhelmed and better able to face the future.

We are experienced psychotherapists and have a private practice based in Canterbury. We recognize that everyone is unique and that our underlying reasons for feeling depressed, anxious and so on can be very different from another person, even when the presenting issues seem to be very similar. The therapy that we practice seeks to understand these underlying causes and works towards changes by encouraging a process of self-reflection and self- discovery in a safe and confidential space. We are not only looking at changing feelings or patterns of behavior as we will also work together towards you having more resources. The changes that may evolve include you having a more realistic sense of your abilities, a broader range of feelings, more satisfying relationships, a better ability to understand yourself and other people and more freedom and confidence to face the good times and challenges that life presents.

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